Should Adam Lambert Fans be Worried?


The unthinkable happend on American Idol last night, Adam Lambert landed in the bottom three!

I’m sure you all were as shocked as Danny Jokey and Alison were when they were told they were the top 2, but it raises the question… Is AI just f*ckin with us?

After weeks and weeks of non stop praise over Lamberts performances and endless internet love, it was getting boring to even wonder who would end up in the bottom three the next week.

So did AI fudge with numbers for the shock factor? Clearly they sent Kris to safety ahead of Adam for that reason, no way he got the second to last ammount of votes.

Maybe Lambert fans were just starting to get confidant and relying on other Lambert fans and not voting.  Rest assured thats the last time that will happen.

With celebs fans such as Kris Kardashian, Perez Hilton, and Nicole Richie, who all praise him via their Twitter page, he surely cant lose this one.

Make sure you all vote for Adam next week!!

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One Response to Should Adam Lambert Fans be Worried?

  1. April 27, 2011 at 5:42 am #

    We love you ADAM !!

    Please keep going. Your voice and album are amazing!!

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