Leno Announces His Reason for Cancelling 2 Tonight Shows.

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What the heck could have possibly been wrong with Jay Leno forcing him to miss not one but two nights of The Tonight Show, his first sick days in his seventeen year run?


Leno recently spoke with People and told them the embarassing part about being labled “exhausted;”  “Exhaustion,” adding  jokingly, “That’s like a rich person’s condition. Poor people that work – they don’t get exhausted. Only rich people get exhausted. It’s an embarrassing thing.”

And though you may say, “why so exhausted Jay?  You sit in a chair and tell jokes for 90 minutes a night?”

Well Leno wants you to know he does many other jobs during the day, including writing for the London Sunday Times, writing for Popular Mechanics and writing for a British magazine called Octane. On top of that he tends to all of his classic cars, as well as. being out on the road [doing standup comedy] 160 days of the year.

Never the less, Jay is fine now, and good to go!

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  1. January 4, 2012 at 3:07 pm #

    I wish he had died. 

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