David Hasselhoff Rushed to Hospital for Alcohol Poisoning?


According to a report, David Hasselhoff had to be rushed to the hospital this past weekend when his sixteen year old daughter found him passed out on the phone of their Encino home, barely breathing.

Hoff has battled an alcohol addiction numerous times in the past, and has sought help for the problem as well.

The report claims that when David’s daughter found him passed out on the floor, she called her mother and David’s ex, Pamela, who rushed over to the house and took David to Cedars Sinai hospital where he was treated for alcohol poisoning.

The Hoff himself is dismissing on those reports though by sending out memos via his reps suggesting that the story is being greatly exaggarated and that he was quickly discharged from the hospital after arriving.

David’s reps are suggesting that his ex wife Pamela is the one who released the story to the media, (which would make sense since the story makes her seem like the hero who came to the rescue) which would go against a court order in which she is not allowed to call the media regarding her ex husband.

Remember when his ex wife thought she was going to launch a singing career?

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