Glambert Lands Cover of EW!


American Idol producers are likely rooting through Dany Gokey and Kris Allens room as we speak removing all sharp objects in hopes that they will not do any harm to themselves.

There’s still 2 more weeks of Idol competition but Adam Lambert has already landed himself on the cover of Entertainment Weekly. The magazine even branded him “The Most Exciting ‘American Idol’ Contestant in Years.”

Has an Idol contestant ever landed front page of a magazine during the middle of competition when the circumstances were not that of a scandal?

Even more shockingly, the mag’s sub title reads “and not just because he might be gay.”

Did they really just use the G word on the front cover as pure speculation?

Either way, there’s no way barring a kid napping or severe case of larinjitis that Adam Lambert can lose this competiton now.  It was a sham to see Alison go last night over Danny Gokey, but you would assume her rock n’ roll votes would all have to go to Adam.

All Kris Allen needs to do next week is deliver 2 safe performances, and charm the teen girls and he should be saved over Jokey.

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