Obligitory Adam and Kris Post.


StarzLife has already reserved it’s seat on the Adam Lambert bandwagon, but tonight more than ever it’s important we spread some voting love for Kris Allen as well.

I’ve seen this same post on a dozen different sites this morning, some epic like this one,  but whether you are a fan of Adam Lambert or Kris Allen on American Idol this season, a vote for the other one is a vote to remove Danny Karaoke Gokey from the show.

In case you haven’t seen it yet,  Danny Jokey forgot the words to Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean during his homecoming performance this week.  How embarrassing!

It works like this…  If you’re an Adam Lambert fan ,  vote for Kris Allen half the ammount of times you voted for Adam.   If you’re a Kris Allen fan, vote for Adam half the ammount you voted for Kris

If you like both, or just want to see Danny go home, vote for Adam and Kris an equal ammount of times tonight.

Let’s ensure an Adam and Kris finale!  Vote for Adam and Kris tonight on Idol!!

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