The Bad News…


Down for maintenance?? How shall we get our fix of  Spencer PrattHeidi MontagSuri Cruise (the real one)? and Kim Kardashian?

Well you can check them out on StarzLife.

Click here to see whats up with Spencer Pratt
Click here to see whats up with Heidi Montag
Click here to see whats up with Kim Kardashian

Also, what the heck is up with that ice cream cone graphic?   Is the cone saying “it’s cool I can chill” and then saying “hurry up” ???  Because if he’s out in the sun he can not chill. but if he was somewhere cold and he could chill he wouldn’t be yelling hurry up.   And what does a caterpillar have to do with an ice cream cone?

Makes about as much sense as birds carrying a whale!!

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