Will People Watch a Reality Show Based on Just Kendra?


“The Girls Next Door” was a huge hit. But why? It wasn’t just the fascination of three gorgeous girls doing nothing but looking gorgeous. It was the fascination of three gorgeous girls looking gorgeous to please Hugh Hefner. Their purpose in life was to make Hef happy. If he was pleased, they were pleased. It was the strange way he treated them with charm, charisma, and respect that held our interest. And they held him on a pedestal.

It was also their outlandish escapades-going to the airport in pajamas to fly in the private jet to France to attend a royal party, throwing lavish theme parties like the Midsummer Night’s Dream lingerie party or Halloween. It was even interesting to watch the three of them crawl in bed with Hef just to watch a movie. They did it because it made him happy. Hef’s approval was everything.

My boyfriend refused to watch the show, claiming it was an example of everything wrong in society, making stars out of people with no talent and applauding them for doing nothing just because of how they look. That may be true, but three beautiful, young girls living with an 80-something year old man who they truly seem to like is intriguing.

And the show had a comical quality to it. It’s funny to watch Hef totter around the mansion in his pajamas. The music played when panning the mansion was almost cartoon-like. The whole thing was like a comic caper being played out.

So now Kendra has a new show starting June 7th. Is Kendra interesting enough to draw viewers without the other girls and Hef as a backdrop? It will be a hard bill to fill, no more servants or private jets, no mansion, no Hef to keep her in line. She’ll have her soon-to-be husband, Hank Baskett. But will that be enough?

By: Keely – Starzlife contributing writer

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  1. June 8, 2009 at 11:53 am #

    i love you kendrea you are a star girl

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