Film Review: Drag Me to Hell


Drag Me to Hell is anything but subtle. When evil spirits attack, they do so boldly, much like the possessed characters in director Sam Raimi’s “Evil Dead.” Loan officer Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) is cursed by the evil gypsy Mrs. Ganush (Lorna Raver) for not granting an extension on her home loan. The tone of the movie is set when the one-eyed Mrs. Ganush removes her dentures and coughs up green sputum while waiting at Brown’s desk in the bank. The horror in this film is not only evil, it’s disgusting.

Brown seeks the advice of a medium who tells her that she will be haunted for three days and then the evil spirit will take her soul. The episodes of terror she experiences are fierce, but not without humor, as when she smashes a wine glass against the wall at a quiet dinner party with her boyfriend’s parents after hearing evil sounds only she can hear. The parents clearly think she is nuts.

The evil spirits attack at will accompanied by evil music. Pots and pans rattle, lights go out, and windows mysteriously open, letting in a supernatural breeze, but the spirits go further, tossing Brown and others through the air and crashing them into objects.

The medium comes up with a plan to remove the evil curse, but it is up to Brown to follow through with it. Lohman does a good job of looking afraid and battling with the spirits. The question is can she obtain her objective and remove the curse?

By: Keely – Starzlife contributing writer

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