Speidi’s Jungle Finale


Officially, Speidi is gone from the jungle for good  on NBC’s I’m a Celebrity.

BUT, after that stink their people raised online yesterday about torture, it’s going to be interesting to see what they have to say when they get back to LA and hit the talk show circuit.

Clearly on last nights episode, Heidi and Spencer survived a night in the lost chamber, and came back to camp in good spirits.  In fact their spirits were so good, it was like they were infected with Jesus.   They even decided to go on a spiritual fast and not eat or drink for the next two days.

Even the shows other contestants spoke of the amount of water and nutrients that NBC was asking them to intake each day to remain healthy.

In typical Speidi fashion, they made another dramatic exit from the NBC series, and in the preview of the next episode, we see Heidi’s sister Holly Montag joining the cast, and quickly befriending Janice Dickinson.

When are the people going to start getting voted off more frequently?  The cast is good but the show overall is just sort of carried out strangely.

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