CHiPS Coming to the Big Screen!


They’ve been working on it since 2007, but this and that kept preventing it from moving forward, but former That 70’s Show star Wilmer Valderrama has announced that a big screen adaptation of cop show CHiPS will be hitting the big screen next year.

While promoting his new children’s program, Handy Manny, Wilmer told reporters; Yeah, ‘CHiPS’ is going to happen next year.  That’s been a roller coaster because we had a couple of problems.”

After a couple of strikes, a couple of bad box office openings, and some re -writes, they’re ready to go.

Wilmer even noted that original CHiPS star Erik Estrada was going to teach him how to ride a motorcycle!

CHiPS was a series which centered around two highway patrol officers on motorcycles, Ponch and John.

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