Leighton Bashes Perez While Promoting Her Own Sex Tape?!


Leighton Meester has been keeping pretty quiet since her sex tape scandal hit the net last week.

She released a music video with Cobra Starship last week and it seemed as if she was ignoring the fact all together.

Well Leighton took to her official blog this morning to talk about life, and the you know what came up!

She writes; I’m sure all of you already heard about this nasty rumors about me that been all over the internet lately. I’m not forcing you to believe me or this dumbass that spread the news, but I’m sure time will tell that it’s just a bullshit. Until then, all I can say is, I know my own body, and those pictures are definitely not mine.

So, in her post not only did she link and promote the pictures and video that might or might not be her, but she promoted  Perez Hilton whom she calls a dumbass not once but TWICE!

Little empty upstairs in the old noggin, Leigh?

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