Kenda Reveals She’ll Raise Her Baby Christian, Plus Names!


In a recent interview, Kendra Wilkinson revealed to Fox News that she’d be raising her baby Christian, and though they will be pretty strict parents, they will also spoil the child as well.

Adds Hank, “Being a father is something I’ve always wanted and something Kendra and I have talked about from the time we met, we’re just truly excited and truly blessed to be becoming parents very soon. We pretty much fell in love right away and when you ask someone to marry you that means you really want them to be the woman in charge of your family, the person to be your teammate in raising the child.”

So what about names? Kendra tells; “If it’s a boy Hank the 4th and if it’s a girl Arianna, we love Arianna.”

I bet Hank his fingers crossed for a boy!!

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