BREAKING NEWS: Michael Jackson’s Doctor Gets Escobar’d


How many times do we have to tell our readers? If you don’t want the DEA running up in your crib, disrupting your drug hustle, remember:

1. To smell-proof your grow room

2. To throw out anything drug-related separately from your personal mail

3. Don’t sell out of your house!

4. Don’t kill Michael Jackson

It’s too late for Dr. Conrad Murray. The Alphabet Boys kicked his door down like twenty minutes ago.

Los Angeles detectives, federal drug agents and Houston police raided the offices of Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician who was with Michael Jackson when the entertainer was stricken at home last month.

Acting on a search warrant, a caravan of 15 cars descended on the clinic at about 10:20 a.m. Wednesday, with officers in Drug Enforcement Administration windbreakers seen entering the building.

Boy, that sure sounds like “DEA Agents Day Off,” doesn’t it? Stormin’ through the door of a Dr. Feelgood’s office must be a lot less scary than charging a drug den where coke dealers named Juan are likely to shoot back.

Source: People

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