Move Over Miley and Nick – It’s Dakota and Freddie


Little Dakota Fanning probably wants to keep her dating life a secret (that’s why she’s going “shh!” in that pic), but sorry, babe – by your age, Miley Cyrus had already been in and out of a “deep and meaningful” relationship with Nick Jonas in the public eye, not to mention had pictures of herself in underwear and a bra and little else blasted all over the net. No one is safe.

Dakota reportedly went on a date with fellow respected teen actor Freddie Highmore, who was in Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. So cute! I hope to god they didn’t eat in the back alley behind the restaurant and share one plate of spaghetti and meatballs while two Italian guys sang to them, because that would be so effing adorable I could die.

Remember when Evan Rachel Wood and Billy Elliot‘s Jamie Bell were also a couple (before she dyed her roots and became a former shell of herself dating Marilyn Manson)? No? Wow, I spend too much time paying attention to teenage celebrity’s dating habits. I don’t have to go door to door in my neighborhood telling people I live here, do I?

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