Christian Bale Taking This Whole Actor Thing Way Too Seriously Again


Everyone hold onto your hats, Christian Bale‘s getting all Methody on us again. These recent shots of Bale looking a shell of his former Batman self would freak everybody out if we didn’t know they were for a role (upcoming movie The Fighter where he plays a drug addict).

But does it matter why he loses the weight when looking this hollow and frail can’t be good for any reason? We all saw the lengths of how far Christian can take this whole “I am an actor!” thing back when he played a living corpse (not really, but it sure looked like it) in The Machinist. Shudder.

Doesn’t he realize you can be a successful, respected actor without having to go cuckoo everytime you get a role? You think Will Smith actually became a superhero when he played Hancock? Or was poor and homeless to get ready for The Pursuit of Happyness? My sources say no.

Good thing Gary Oldman spilled the beans that the next Batman sequel will be filming next year, so rest assured we’ll see those muscles once again. The Joker? Mmmm not so much.

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