Madonna: “Get Into The Jew”


It’s Friday afternoon, and it’s time for some words from your wise old Aunt Esther

Madonna “woke up” after studying the ancient passages of Kaballah, she reveals in an exclusive new article that she wrote for Israeli magazine YNet News.

Suddenly, “All the puzzle pieces started falling into place,” chimes in the Material Goy. “I was looking for an answer. I went to a dinner party in L.A. A woman sitting next to me was telling me about a class she was taking from a Rabbi. She said it was so inspiring and that I should come along. I asked her what it was about. She said “Life.“”

Wow, keep going Auntie Esther! Share your teachings!

Continues Madonna: “I asked her what it was called. She said ‘Kaballah.’ I told her I wasn’t Jewish and she said: “What difference does it make what it’s called and what religious upbringing you have had if you are inspired?” She had a point.

And you know what else Auntie Esther says is the coollest thing about being a Jew? (Besides the Kaballah gift store, which recently began offering late night hours.)

The funny thing about Michael is that he is as comfortable and knowledgably about discussing the teachings of the Ari as he is of discussing his favorite Seinfeld episode. He knows more about Pop Culture and what’s going on in the world than anyone I know and yet his desire to really affect change in the world and the compassion he feels for people who are suffering is unparalleled.

Pop culture and Kaballah? When can we join the club?!

Click here to read the entire nonsense by Rabbi Esther.

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