Someone Actually Wants to Hire Lindsay Lohan?


Strange as it may sound, a notable director actually has his hopes up for Lindsay Lohan for his next movie.

Good luck with snagging her though, I mean, she is the hardest working woman she knows…

Director Robert Rodriguez, (Desperado, Grindhouse) want’s Linds for his new film, MacHete.

Her movie resume is a little less than stellar, but Rodriguez thinks she’s cool.  He claims theres a perfect part in the movie for her…If she takes it.

Only if the price is right, Robbie!

The film is rumored to have a pretty big named cast as well, including Robert Deniro, Steven Segal, Michelle Rodriguez, and Jonah Hill.

She’d be a fool not to hop on this project!

Why do I have a feeling a movie called MacHete with Lindsay Lohan would feature her getting hacked up though…

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