Like Everybody is Saying that Rihanna is Seeing Chris Brown Again


Rihanna and Chris Brown‘s purportedly re-kindled romance is the talk of the celebs blogosphere as of late. We wrote about this a week ago; since then, the story has only gained momentum.  “She keeps denying that she’s seeing Chris again, though no one believes her,” says the NY Post quoting a “source,” which in the gossip world may mean a friend of hers who needed $50 or the writer’s editor. Star’s running with the story, too, but in all matters Rihanna, I like to defer to the net’s leading black gossip website:, quoting an “EXTREMELY reliable source”:

I think that they are back together, but who knows. [Chris Brown] is extremely reckless. Everyone around him is begging him to stay away from [Rihanna] but he thinks he’s invincible. Rihanna’s the same way. They both think that what happened was in the past – and they want to move forward like nothing’s happened.

That’s not going to be easy, since Breezy can be tossed in the clink for kicking it with the chick even if he doesn’t kick her directly. Keep one eye open, Chris. Well, not when you’re kissing. That’s just creepy.

Source: MediaTakeOut

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