I Desperately Wanted to Believe Will Smith Wasn’t A Scientologist But Stuff Like This Makes It Really Difficult


Why can’t Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith just send their kids to either Hardvard- Westlake or Crossroads like all other celebs parents? If they’re concerned about their children feeling out of place in a public school, I’m sure they’d feel pretty comfortable at Harvard-Westlake with the sons and daughters of the people who finance their parents’ (well, father’s) films. And if they’re hung up on their kids receiving a non-traditional, progressive education, there’s plenty of that at Crossroads, where you can take P.E. in a bowling alley and go on bizarro bonding field trips to the desert with your teachers. Neither prestigious institution follows the teachings of a “religion” that’s on some M. Night Shyamalan alien-centric twist-ending ish.

Will and Jada have repeatedly denied any official membership in the church. But they have acknowledged that some of the teaching philosophies of their private school, New Village Academy, come from L. Ron’s “study techs,” or sciency-sounding programs that, like everything else in Scientology, were fabricated from whole cloth by the sect’s megalomaniac leader. Then they fired the head of the school because she had a problem with indoctrinating the children with such nonsense. Now they’ve replaced her with Jacqueline Olivier, a Scientologist.

But don’t get the wrong idea. The school is officially “non-religious,” Will and Jada aren’t Scientologists, and Dianetics and the Bible aren’t really so different after all.

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