There’s an Arrest Warrant Out for Bobby Brown Right Now in Massachusetts


“If it wasn’t for rap, I’m probably down south / With the coke that give fiends the Bobby Brown mouth” – Fabolous

“I’m being tailed by mob of Feds / They say I got the coke responsible for that shit Whitney and Bobby said”- Fabolous

Now Fabolous can start crafting rhymes about Bobby Brown‘s lackadaisical attitude toward child support in addition to his rapacious coke appetite – an arrest warrant has been issued for the singer for failing to appear in court on a contempt complaint stemming from his failure to fork for over $45,000 to his baby mother. No, not Whitney. This is another one – Kim Ward – with whom the singer sired two now-teenaged children.

Here, Fab, let me try:

“My money long, I could stack my bills and reach the sun / You haters just short change like Bobby do his teenage sons” – Grant

“I got a 9, a .380, a .44 and a Porsche to drive / And I ain’t Bobby with the grip – I got an extra .45”- Grant

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