Atlanta Housewife Kim: “They Call Me A Liar”


The Real Housewife Of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak, isn’t the type of gal to silently stew.

OK, she’d talk to a rock if it promised her airtime. Big Poppa’s piece on the side hit up The Today Show alongside Bravo boss man Andy Cohen this morning to discuss the latest season of Housewives, and how her, ahem, feelings keep getting hurt around those other bitches.

Says Kim: “I’m embarrassed at times. I can get so heated and so upset. It’s He Said, She Said and I’m just not into all that. They call me a liar constantly. It’s the way of the world.

And, when asked if the show really deals with how women react with each other, Kim gave an answer that made Anne Curry’s eyes bulge:

Personally, I think [Housewives] is a bad example. When I want to have a conversation with another woman, I’ll sit down and have a conversation. There’s no need to pull my hair out.

I think most women would agree. Except, maybe NeNe. It’s easier to conversate without hair-pulling, but where are the ratings without that?

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