Heroes Season 4 Promo Pic: When All Else Fails, Show Boobies


Looks like NBC execs took notes during Marketing 101, and remembered sex sells.

The promo for season 4 of Heroes is out, and so are Hayden Panettiere‘s boobies.

Hayden Planetarium is maybe 4 foot and let’s just say she holds an officer position on the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, but that didn’t stop NBC from ‘shopping those babies and reminding male viewers why they should continue to tune in to the show.

Zachary Quinto chills in the background, looking devious and sexy saying, “Oh hello ladies (or gentlemen of that persuasion), I didn’t notice you there. Won’t you watch my show?”

Hiro is there for the comic nerds who watch the show for the plot alone. What fools!

Check out more pics of Hayden here!

Picture via: THR

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