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Kourtney Kardashian For Maxim India

Check out these never before seen photos of Kourtney Kardashian for Maxim India that we stumbled upon this morning thanks to Egotastic. They were taken for a previous shoot a while back and look sort of familiar, but we’ve never seen them before so you probably never have either! Check out a few more below […]

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Miley Cyrus’ ‘Cant Be Tamed’ Music Video

E! premiered the video for Miley Cyrus’s ‘Can’t Be Tamed’ last night, and it is something else! Long gone are the days of Hannah Montana, and silly teenage music videos about high school. Miley’s new video looks like something yanked directly out of the Britney Spears vault.  A rip off?  Not at all.  Just a […]

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Miley Cyrus Talks Nude Movie Roles…

Pervs of the world can breathe a sigh of relief, Miley Cyrus has finally discussed the possibility of her stripping down for a nude role in a movie. During a recent interview with the BBC, she was asked of the possibility of her taking on one of those roles to which she replied; “If it’s […]

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Coco Bares All for Tanning Twit-Pic

You’re either a fan or you arent, but dang!  Coco posted this new pic to her Twitpic and apparently she wanted to give her followers a big show! The photo is of her posting in a stand up tanning bed. Words can’t really describe, but you can check out the slightly NSFW thumnail below.

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Kendra Wilkinson Considering Breast Reduction

Now that she’s married to the superbowl-fumblin’ Hank Baskett and gave birth to littke Hank IV, Kendra Wilkinson is considering ditching her money makers. “They’re a little too big now. I’ve considered getting a breast reduction,” Kendra said in a recent interview regarding her 34-D’s. On Monday, Kendra is taking her new son Hank, to […]

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Heidi Ready to Show off her ‘3-D’ in Playboy?

Heidi Montag didn’t bare all last time she posed for Playboy magazine, but now that she’s had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day, might she be ready to show it all off? A source tells inTouch magazine that Heidi is considering a $500,000 offer to pose for the mens mag for a second time, […]

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Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag Want’s to go Bigger; Doc Shuts Her Down

Since getting ten procedures in one day including, chin, cheeks, nose, boobs, thighs, and lips… Heidi Montag is fiending for more! But she’ll have to find a new doc, because the doc who performed her first ten, says no more! Her husband, Spencer Pratt was said to be against her getting all the work done […]

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Heroes Season 4 Promo Pic: When All Else Fails, Show Boobies

Looks like NBC execs took notes during Marketing 101, and remembered sex sells. The promo for season 4 of Heroes is out, and so are Hayden Panettiere‘s boobies. Hayden Planetarium is maybe 4 foot and let’s just say she holds an officer position on the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, but that didn’t stop NBC from […]

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Does Katie Price Spray-Tan With Ink?

Or does she live in a terrarium? Boob-model (I’m not being crass, I think that’s her actual professional title) Katie Price, aka “Jordan” when she’s working and “the girl who swears she’s famous in England” to L.A.’s nightclub sentries was out and about in L.A. recently. Here’s a gallery of [pick your favorite name] looking […]

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