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Tom Cruise‘s former Scientology “auditor”  Mark Rathbun is going public with bombshell allegations of abuse within the Church. If you don’t know what an auditor is, he’s the guy who reads your “e-meter” as you answer personal questions without knowing that the whole thing is being taped so as to blackmail you should you ever go public. (This policy of secret taping and threats is reputed to be how the Church manages to turn so many gays not-gay.)

The bulk of Rathbun’s revelations concern David Miscavige, the short, short-tempered Church #1. Rathbun alleges that the man physically beats his underlings, and orchestrated both Cruises‘s divorce from Nicole Kidman and the firing of his publicist so as to replace her with his Scientologist sister. But his most brutal charge is that Tom himself abused Church underlings:

I have also counseled people who were abused by Tom personally – in matters that eerily resemble the behavior of Miscavige – to give Tom the time to get educated and do the right thing which I have convinced them he ultimately will do.

While David does physically abuse Church staffers, it’s important to note that he’s not accusing Cruise of that – David also abuses with verbal assualt, degredation and humiliation. So just imagine Tom in yelling mode from Jerry Maguire screaming something like, “Headaches are caused by Thetans – how dare you ask for aspirin!” at someone who joined the Church after running away from a farm in Nebraska and you’re probably close.

Source : Celebitchy

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  1. August 28, 2009 at 1:55 pm #

    oooh, this is getting interesting…just what we all need, a really good gossipy Hollywood story…if this doesn’t crack open the so-called ‘church’ I don’t know what will.

    Pass me the popcorn

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