Gosselin Gem of the Day: “I’d Rather be Snowboarding”


The Jon & Kate + HATE campaign has been in full effect on all the national talk shows, and its usually the same thing over and over again, but last night Jon left us with his gem!

“We talked about the brand and corporate things and making the brand work. I felt it was weird. I was like, ‘Why am I here? I could be snowboarding.’ It wasn’t helping.”

That was Jon’s response to his claims last night on the ABC special “Family Secrets”  that Kate Gosselin refused to go to marriage counseling unless it was with the famous Dr. Phil.

Jon agreed, but apparently all they did was talk business.

Are both of these two both in it for the money?   Their marriage/ex-marriage is beginning to seem like a joke/ploy.

It seems as if there’s actually more money to be made from a divorce than just staying together!

What is next for these two?

Maybe Jon will post something good on his twitter!

Snowboarding! Ha!

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