Gavin Rossdale To Guest Star on Criminal Minds


Do you remember the band Bush? And its super-hot lead singer Gavin Rossdale, who I swear was personally speaking to me with his eyes in the music video for “Glycerine”? These days Rossdale is better known as Mr. Gwen Stefani, and his career has stalled since his days as an international rock star.

So what’s the British fox doing these days? Rossdale is set to guest star in an episode of Criminal Minds on CBS. He will play a rock star (!) whose psychotic stage persona starts to creep into his personal life, and the Criminal Minds crew believes he may be a serial killer.

I don’t know about this. P. Diddy’s performance as a lawyer on CSI: Miami is a hard performance to follow in the musician-turned-CBS-guest-star genre.

Want more pics of Gavin HOTsdale? Check him out here! He’s shirtless!

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