Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelly Adopt A Baby

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Katherine Heigl and husband Josh Kelly are adopting a baby girl from Korea. The baby is 10 months old, and is named Nayleigh. They will call the baby Leigh.

Heigl recently threw a baby shower for Grey’s Anatomy co-star Ellen Pompeo who gave birth to a baby girl. I wonder if the shower wasn’t a joint affair? Of if Heigl just sat there passive-aggressively demanding that Pompeo return the favor once Leigh arrives.

Someone should tell Heigl that Asian babies are so two seasons ago. African babies are a little more fashionable, but that trend is on the way out. It’s all about the Inuit babies from Northern Canada now, but I’m just a trendsetter, perhaps.

I’m kidding, obviously. Congrats to the couple on the new addition!

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