Wedding Bells for LC? Sorry if the Surprise is Ruined!


It would be so hard to believe considering all of the flack she gave Heidi Montag for marrying Spencer Pratt so young on The Hills, but if the rumor is true, Lauren Conrad’s christmas may have just been ruined.

According to a source, LC’s boyfriend Kyle Howard has been spotted out shopping for engagement rings, with the plan to propose to the former Hills star this Christmas.

Apparently Kyle has been planning to pop the Q,  but hasn’t really told anyone and wanted to surprise her.

Neither Lauren or Kyle has come out and talked about this rumor, so it’s safe to assume that they either have not heard, and it’s false, or they are laughing it off.

On the other hand though, it’s being reported that MTV has offered up a new reality series based on their relationship, which could ultimately turn into their wedding and be the new aged version of Newlyweds.

We’ve got to assume that it’s just a rumor with no legs, seeing as  one left the Hills to not be on TV anymore, and the other refused to be on even when he had the chance.

What do you think about the possible Christmas engagement of LC and Kyle Howard?  Yay or Nay?


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