YouTube is like an NPR Call-In Show for Idiots with Opinions About Kanye West


I measure the impact of controversial events on society by reading YouTube comments. I’m not interested in the opinion of the Ivy League-educated ivory tower-dwellers who bloviate on cable. They’re paid to have a position on everything whether they mean it or not; YouTube commenters are motivated by passion alone, and there’s a whole lot of it in the comments section of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” video.

Despite having heard “Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It)” 3.2 x 10^24 times, I had never actually seen the video, because MTV now only plays videos during the actual VMAs. His spirited proclamation that it was one of the best videos of all time piqued my curiousity enough to head to YouTube. I’m not the only one – the comments section is currently on fire with people debating the video’s merit. Let me save you the trip:

lol so this is the greatest video of all time? i can do this with a phone and windows movie maker

I’m surprise Kanye would like this video. There’s too much white in it.

beyonce sucks ass and kanye west is a faggot

i like this song but, no affence, but i think taylor swift deserved that award. this is alot cheaper of a video than taylors video

at least taylor swift aint a 1 hit wonder! But she should be shes crap! BEYONCE I LOVE YOU!

Like them or don’t like them. Kayne has nothing to do with either one and should have his jaw wired back shut.

Wow, this video? Really? She always does the same weird jerky dancing stuff. Sometimes she dances like Christopher Walken….

this song is aggrivating as hell, and I misspelled the crap out of that word

And in case you were wondering what I, Grant, thought, lemme tell you in the style of a YouTube commenter:

ummm…OK this song is GREAT but the video is just OK!! it’s just Beyonce dancing with two black chicks! EVEN I HAVE MORE BLACK FRIENDS THAN THAT! But for serious, I just watched the Taylor Swift video and it’s pretty good and I don’t want to be a hater but country music is garbage and I hate it. so I guess Kanye was sort of right but it’s a VIDEO MUSIC AWARD – they INVENTED this stupid award to get Wang Chung’s record label to fly them to Manhattan!! Calm down Kanye, it’s not something IMPORTANT like that award show DICK CLARK INVENTED or your LINE OF ABSURDLY EXPENSIVE SHOES. NE-wayz0rz, I don’t care enough about any of these acts to keep typing so let me say GUCCI MANE FTW!!!

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2 Responses to YouTube is like an NPR Call-In Show for Idiots with Opinions About Kanye West

  1. September 14, 2009 at 5:11 pm #

    No offense, Grant, but I’m somehow not at all surprised that you would bond with the unbelievably ignorant commenters on Youtube. I’m not a fan of paid ivy-league commentators, either, but at least they generally use proper grammar and, when writing their comments, tend to use correct spelling and punctuation. I can see why you don’t relate to that after having read your posts on this site. K. West is not worth commenting about and who cares what you think of Beyonce’s amazing video? It’s not just her dancing with two other girls….it’s the three of them dancing perfectly in tight, challenging choreography and looking gorgeous while doing it. Is it the most amazing video ever done? Who knows? Who cares? It’s a video. I really hope you’re cute because I can’t imagine your writing will get you anywhere. Unless you’re selling to the Youtube community. I really don’t mean that in an unkind way. Honestly!

  2. September 16, 2009 at 7:24 pm #

    Scott, your rant is pretty good and I’m gonna let you finish but Perez Hilton is the biggest BITCH of all time! I’m just sayin’…

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