Bobby Brown to Go on Celebs Fit Club, Use His Scale for Something Other Than Drugs


While Whitney Houston is going on Oprah, Good Morning America, and debuting number one albums, her former husband Bobby Brown is also plotting his own comeback. Bobby is slated to become one of the Celebrity Fit Club members on the next incarnation of the Vh1 show. Not quite as prestige a comeback vehicle…

The caliber of celebs on Celebrity Fit Club is pretty low- as in the ‘guy who played the friend on the canclled 1970’s sitcom’ region of celebrityland, so Bobby Brown is pretty high profile for the show. I mean, what A list celebs do you know needs to lose weight? You don’t get to be a celebs if you’re fat. It’s in the handbook.

Whatever Bobby, go on Celebrity Fit Club. Lose the weight. It’s your prerogative. (See what I did there?)

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