Shocker: Gunther Willing to Consider Friends Movie


James Michael Taylor, aka Gunther from Central Perk, is in London right now for the launch of a Central Perk-themed coffee shop. What?! Why don’t we have one in Los Angeles? Of course, it’s not too difficult to find a coffee shop with attractive young people wasting a weekday in this town, but “Starbucks” isn’t a pun. (If heroin is ever legalized, I hope the store that sells it is called “MacArthur Perk.”)

Anyway, the Daily Mail caught up with J.M.T. to ask about the prospect of a Friends film. He says yes, and a commenter below the story says, “I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with James Michael Tyler at the Central Perk launch. This whole story is a fabrication. I asked him if a Friends movie was in the pipeline and he said the rumours were false and there were absolutely no plans for such a thing. He is however working on his own projects and will be starring in the pilot of a new series early next year.” (I would consider the reliability of the Daily Mail is its commenters to be equal. )

If the Friends film falls flat, I guarantee you we can get Joey off the ground. Start the letter-writing campaign.

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