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Courteney Cox And Cast Try To Re-name ‘Cougar Town’

ABC, Courteney Cox, and the rest of the brains behind Cougar Town have admitted since the beginning that it was the worst name choice for a show in the history of Television. In a new skit for Funny Or Die, the cast was brought in to suggest new names. Unfortunately for the show about a […]

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Matt LeBlanc Says No ‘Friends’ Movie

Rumors of a ‘Friends’ movie have been swirling since the show went off the air in 2004, but one friend isn’t keen to see it happen. Matt LeBlanc who played the famous Joey Tribiani on the show had this to say about the possible reunion; “Sex & the City is always a single kind of […]

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Paris Hilton Lies To Friends To See If They Can Pass The Test

Paris Hilton just gave up the answer on how to pass her friend test. The socialite and star of ‘The World According to Paris’ was on Lopez tonight and explained to George Lopez that it’s difficult to make new friends some times, because she’s not sure who is going to sell her out to a […]

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Lindsay Lohan’s Friends Say Her Priorities Are All Wrong

As they should be, Lindsay Lohan’s friends are concerned with her well being. After failing two drug tests fresh out of rehab and still on probation, friends are worried that Lindsay has not got her priorities in order.They believe she needs an intensive nine month inpatient program, as opposed to a quick 30 days here […]

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Happy 41st Jennifer Aniston!!

Jennifer Aniston turns 41 today!   She’s officially on her way down the hill, but laughing at everyone else on the other side because she still looks A-Mazing! Happy birthday to our favorite “friend.” Now how bout that Friends movie? xoxo, C.

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Old Friend Returns to TV

It feels like he’s been gone forever, but Matthew Perry will be making his return to television in 2010! Perry will co-write, star in, and executive produce a single camera comedy where he will play a self-involved manager of a second-rate sports arena who begins to re-evaluate his life on his 40th birthday  according to […]

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Shocker: Gunther Willing to Consider Friends Movie

James Michael Taylor, aka Gunther from Central Perk, is in London right now for the launch of a Central Perk-themed coffee shop. What?! Why don’t we have one in Los Angeles? Of course, it’s not too difficult to find a coffee shop with attractive young people wasting a weekday in this town, but “Starbucks” isn’t […]

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Courtney Cox is HOT!!

Another Friends hottie looking like a rockstar! I love this skinny b**ch!  She’s super hot and actually quite down to earth!  I love the way she dresses, and how she’s always been a good friend to Jennifer Aniston.  Yes, people, Courtney Cox is awesome!  She could, however, stand to gain a few pounds, judging from […]

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