Lindsay Lohan’s Friends Say Her Priorities Are All Wrong

As they should be, Lindsay Lohan’s friends are concerned with her well being.

After failing two drug tests fresh out of rehab and still on probation, friends are worried that Lindsay has not got her priorities in order.They believe she needs an intensive nine month inpatient program, as opposed to a quick 30 days here and there.

Lindsay is apparently more concerned with leaving Los Angeles to film ‘Inferno’ than she is with getting better, but you’d think if that was the case, she would have not touched drugs again in the first place.  A source close to her explains:

“Lindsay has been told that she needs intensive inpatient rehab for at least nine months. The last thing Lindsay should be doing right now is working. What is abundantly clear to everyone is that the last thing Lindsay should be doing right now is work. Lindsay wants to work, and is resisting the idea of not working. She knows she needs help, but she has contractual obligations, and she needs the money. Lindsay wants and plans on beginning filming as planned, even though she has been advised to seek intensive treatment, which would consist of inpatient rehab treatment for at least nine months. Lindsay needs to get help, period. She has to focus on her disease and begin the recovery process. She needs to get out of Hollywood, and away from the people that enable her. She (Lindsay) needs to focus on herself, and hopefully if she takes the appropriate steps Lindsay can have success in her personal and professional life.”

Sounds like a great plan, but NOT. GOING. TO. HAPPEN.

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