We May Expunge But We Will Never Forget, Mel Gibson


Mel Gibson is reportedly headed to court next week with his lawyer to ask that his infamous DUI be expunged from his record, following a successful completion of 3 years probation.

Gibson’s drunken tour down the PCH lead to his arrest, where he blamed the Jews for all the wars. Ever. He then called a female officer “Sugartits”, thereby bringing the term to the forefront of American slang.

Gibson may get the blemish off of his police record, but I doubt he’ll be able to clean his public image. I, for one, am keeping “Sugartits” firmly in my vocabulary.

Source: TMZ

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One Response to We May Expunge But We Will Never Forget, Mel Gibson

  1. October 8, 2009 at 3:20 pm #

    Someone should explain to Mr. Gibson that anyone can still go to the courthouse with his name and birth date to see his criminal record. In addition, the rest of the public should be aware that if you are ever fingerprinted for a job or a visa to leave the country, the Department of Justice will still disclose your record. The conviction and the arrest record is never erased, sealed, or destroyed, but a notation is simply added to the record showing that the conviction has been dismissed pursuant to the California Penal Code Section 1203.4. The Church of My Faith in God has established the Expungement Reform Movement to propose a resolution that would permit people who have had or those who wish to have expungements or pardons the ability to petition the court to have an arrest and conviction record resulting in an expungement or pardon sealed after five years from the date of their expungement or pardon and destroyed three years after the sealing of an expungement or pardon. Visit http://www.ExpungementReform.com for more information.

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