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The Kardashian / Disick/ Jenner’s Do the Bu’

Little Mason Dash Disick got to spend his weekend surrounded by family, while  his parents, Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick, joined by his Auntie Kendall Jenner pushed him around Malibu. It looks almost as if Kendall and Scott synced up their outfits before they left the house! Kourtney updated her blog this weekend regarding her […]

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Gwen and Gavin: Toy Time

Sans kids, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale spent their Easter Sunday shopping for toys in Malibu, likely for previously mentioned kids. Gwen is looking smoking hott, as usual!  The years are being SO kind to her. Check out some more photos of Gwen and Gavin below.

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Kevin Dillon: Drama in Malibu

Whoever’s birthday it was in Malibu this past weekend, had quite the star studded guest list! In addition to Matthew McConaughey and Cole Hauser, Kevin Dillion and his Megan Fox look alike girlfriend, took his daughter to the bash. Kevin is lookin like he’s in the Johnny Drama zone, so hopefully that means new Entourage […]

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The McConaughey’s Bring Out Baby Vida!

In addition to hitting the links, Matthew McConaughey also made an appearance at this star studded Malibu birthday bash this past weekend. Joined by wife Camilla Alves, little Livi, and newest addition Vida, the McConaugheys are becoming quite the cute little family! Check out some more photos of Matt, Cam, Lev, and little Vida below.

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Cole Hauser: Malibu Birthday

Good Will Hunting actor Cole Hauser and his wife Cynthia, took their boys, Ryland and Colt,  to a birthday party in Malibu this past weekend. The party was also attended by Matthew McConaughey and his kids, whom is a buddy of Coles. Hauser was present back in 199 when McConaughey was arrested for pot possession, […]

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Heidi Montag to Produce Malibu Reality Series

With the end of The Hills, not only will Heidi Montag set her sights on becoming a movie actress, but she’s also going to try her hand at TV Producer. Heidi is shopping around a TV series titled 20 Seven Miles, which will be about a group of teenagers from Malibu, CA (Malibu’s slogan is […]

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Cisco Adler Takes a Spring Break

Back from a spring break tour to promote his latest single, Spring Break Lover,  Cisco Adler finally got to take a break back home in Malibu. The celebs were all out this weekend enjoying the weather, and hopefully it’s here to stay. To check out Cisco Adler’s Spring Break Lover, featuring Lil’ John and Dirt […]

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Malibu Beach Goers Pay the ‘Price’

I know it was hot in Los Angeles this weekend, but it wasn’t hot enough for anyone to have to endure this! The one and ONLY Phoebe Price took a stroll in Malibu on Sunday wearing this monstrosity. As usual, Phoebe paraded around the streets for all the photographers wearing a blue knit bathing suit […]

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Pamela Anderson has Got a Friend in Pennsylvania

Where does something like this put you career wise? Pamela Anderson had not one but two meet and greets to promote her fragrance lines, Malibu and Malibu night. The only problem is… (and yes, it’s a problem!)  These meet and greets took place at a couple of Rite-Aids in Pennsylvania. She left the signing in […]

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We May Expunge But We Will Never Forget, Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is reportedly headed to court next week with his lawyer to ask that his infamous DUI be expunged from his record, following a successful completion of 3 years probation. Gibson’s drunken tour down the PCH lead to his arrest, where he blamed the Jews for all the wars. Ever. He then called a […]

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