Heidi Montag to Produce Malibu Reality Series


With the end of The Hills, not only will Heidi Montag set her sights on becoming a movie actress, but she’s also going to try her hand at TV Producer.

Heidi is shopping around a TV series titled 20 Seven Miles, which will be about a group of teenagers from Malibu, CA (Malibu’s slogan is “27 miles of scenic beauty) who are out to “out to make a difference in the world and break the stereotypes of teenagers in Malibu.”

Laguna Beach with morals?   ZzzzZzzzzZzzzzzz…..

Montag adds; “We have already linked up with numerous charities and want these kids to show the power of youth while being good-looking, funny and of course the drama of being a teenager.”

Someone will probably pick it up, but unless one of the teens starts embezzling money from a charity, or sleeping with the enemy, it has no potential.

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