Awkward or Just Plain Wrong? Gallery to Display Picture of 10 Year-Old Brooke Shields Nude


The Tate Modern gallery in London is installing an exhibit which would include a naked picture of Brooke Shields from when she was 10 years old. The photo would be included next to other images of hard core pornography and collages made from nudie mags.

The exhibition is entitled “Pop Life: Art in a Material World.” Just how child porn fits into that, I’m not sure.

The work in question is a reworked photograph taken of Shields with an oiled nude body, wearing make up and staring straight at the camera. Reminder: she was 10 when the photo was taken. Great parenting skills there, Mrs Shields!

Isn’t patently offensive works of art that ‘challenge our beliefs and conceptions about what constitutes art’ soooo 1990’s? Aren’t we over that?

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