Who’s That Girl On Letterman? Lady Madonna!

030208_SL_Madonna01Carried onstage by The New York RangersMadonna played lady from beginning to end on The Late Show with David Letterman last night.

Holy High Holidays, is our Queen getting soft in her old age?

With her British accent fading and no knickers for Dave to sniff in sight, Ms Madonna Louise Ciccone sat legs crossed and ladylike,  commenting on everything from raising Lourdes:


To marriage:

“I’d rather get run over by a train.”

Holy Mother of G_d! (that’s for you Madge), the rumors were wrong.

There’ll be no wedding for The not-so-Virgin Mother to sinfully sausaged  Baby Jesus Luz. We’re still crucifix crossing our fingers tho!

Speaking of spicy sausage:   Madonna, claiming to never have gone to NYC pizzeria before, took Dave on a pizza date.  Our Holy Highness ate!

Calling the years married to director Guy Ritchie“The Bush Years”

She also commented: “It was a good time to be out of America”.

We knew she’d moved to The UK, but weren’t aware we’d missed her “Bush Years”, what the hell were the 80’s then?!!

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