Gilles Marini: Showoff.


You want to talk about a birthday gift…  Gilles Marini just gave his wife Carol a gift she’ll never forget!

Celebrating her 32nd,  Gilles literally bought his wife her dream house.

He tells People Magazine, “We have lived in this [apartment] complex for about five, six years, and every day we walk around the neighborhood.  She always saw this one house on our walk and said, ‘This is my dream house.’ A month ago we saw the house was for sale.”

Marini got the idea of buying it for her, so he called their real estate agent and had her pass along the news to Carol Marini that the house had already been sold.

When family and friends came over for a birthday gathering, he placed a photo of the home in a card to his wife, with an original poem that read; “Eleven years of sweat, blood and tears. You never gave up … It is a small way of showing you how I’m feeling. I love you, my wife, my soul, my everything.”

According to Gilles, “she pretty much died inside out.”

Guys out there… Time to step up your game!

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One Response to Gilles Marini: Showoff.

  1. October 2, 2009 at 4:07 pm #

    What a great guy — and he sure knows how to treat a woman! Lucky lady and lucky guy. Wish them lots of happy memories in their new house.

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