Kate +8: “Jon’s Cleared Out Our Account!”

jon_kate_eightThe Mom of 8 and her hideous haircut spent the morning, away from her kids again, to whine to the The Today Show.

Fighting back Oscar worthy tears, Mrs Goss said Jon has cleared $230,000 out of the $231,000 bank account the two show-offs shared.

Hey she still has $1000! What’s she bitching about?  That’s 5 areas of Botox, a haircut and still some money left for school lunches!

Obviously forgetting to count the TV money, the appearance money, and the book money, K8 is claiming poor.  And it’s all Jon’s fault, or so K8 says:

“You’ve left your children and their mother unable to pay for the roof over their head. It’s unacceptable.”

We think what’s really unacceptable is that Mrs Goss is also saying the roof isn’t paid for, TLC must certainly have taken care of that already.

Maybe this is a hook into her accepting another offer?  The $400,000 Playboy has offered must be looking really good right now!  We shudder at the thought…

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