Kim Kardashian Needs a Fangirl to English Translator


It’s good to have fans, and as you may have noticed, Kim Kardashian has got A LOT these days as she’s sort of become the new “hollywood it girl” all by herself, leaving a trail of Hiltons and Lohans in the dust behind her.

I was visiting her official blog today when i stumbled across some words of encouragement from her fans in the comment section.

Anyone care to translate:

“1 last thing.plz kip ur relationship p rivate 4 it 4 work in hollywood.luk at jay n beyonce.they neva tok bout dea r/ship n dey say dats wat meks it strong n private.kip him as far away as possible 4rm any of ur shows.plz plz.congrats 2 kourt n khloe as wel”

“oh my gosh kim am so hapi..av jus seen a pic of u n reggie on perez.evn he had 2 admit dat u luk cute 2getha..lolz.i knew u guys were bak bt so much beta wit a pic 2 confirm.i see marriage, kids, so hapi am da way i did kam 2 states on holiday n wud havd luvd to see u i spoted some ada celebs though.any one in da K fam wud hav made m evn happier.i bot da mag wit n khloe sharin diet i am followin both.congrats 2 khloe n i love ol u guys as well.lotsa lv 4rm kenya.”

I get the “lolz” and the “omgz” and the using “u” instead of “you” but do people really type like this to each other!?!?

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