Kanye West Leaves The US To Interrupt India

Everybody 122808_SL_Kanye06got to finish their acceptance speeches, even the incarcerated T.I. thanks to Kanye West’s absence from Saturday’s BET Hip Hop Awards

MSNBC is reporting that his friends are saying he’s probably hiding out in India.

One source close to the egomaniac rapper said:

“Kanye might do some dumb things, but he’s smart.  He knows he needs to come back from this break changed, and that isn’t going to happen at some rehab overlooking the ocean. He goes to India, he has a chance to come back seeming like he learned something from what happened.”

Not one to ever allow the world to forget him, West is still blogging from an undisclosed location, but won’t say when he’ll be back.

Having cancelled his Madison Square Garden New Year’s Eve show, it seems that he won’t return until next year, and we all know that Lady Gaga has now been left to tour alone.  Feel free to write your acceptance speeches, kids, we may be Kanye-free until 2011!

So we’re sorry India, but thank you for taking him!  Maybe Shiva or Rama can knock some sense back into him!  If not tell him to take a drink from The Ganges, it may not be good for him, but will keep him down for a while.

We are wondering though, if he is looking for spirituality, why he didn’t just knock on Her Madgesty’s door?

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