Jon Gosselin is a Life Ruiner!


Because of his Michael Lohanishness, Jon and Kate + 8 or  Kate + 8 as it should be, is no more.  Millions of American’s lives are now ruined.  Thanks Jon Gosselin!

TLC will reportedly try to create a few more episodes out of the remaining footage that has been shot already, but production is done and new episodes will not air in November as originally planned.

Kate has not yet commented on the situation, as has her estranged husband Jon.  But it’s believed that the show was halted by Jon, who had an epiphany that the show was to blame for all the trouble caused within his family as of late.

Not the fact that he stole money, not the fact that he’s been jet setting with young girls and partying with Lindsay Lohan’s reject daddy, and not the fact that they kicked him off the show and changed the name to Kate + 8.

Jealous a bit?

Either way, it sucks for everyone!  Hopefully Kate will figure something out and be back on TV.  It is what she “relies on for income.”

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