Jon Ditches the Ho, She’s Not Ready to Mingle


Jon Gosselin told The Insider this weekend that him and Hailey Glassman were going to be taking some time apart to figure out their own lives to which he followed up with a Tweet this morning about going home to see his kids.

After arriving at home he wrote the following on his page;

“Came home to my kids,got big HUGS! Made Dinner, and cleaning up so we can then all watch a movie.Read Hailey’s tweet, Still miss her though”

Haley’s tweet that he is referring to read; “Yes, I am semi-single, but definitely NOT YET ready to mingle. I need some Hailey time and regroup myself and my life.”

What does she need to re-group.  She’s not famous.  She’s only known as a home wrecker.  It’s Jon that should be doing the re-grouping!

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