Leno Says He’d Return to Tonight if Offered

jay leno

In a new interview with Broadcast & Cable Magazine, Jay Leno revealed that leaving the Tonight Show was not his decision to make, and if it would have been he would have stayed put.

He also revealed that he’d go back if he was asked by the network.

Though his replacement, Conan O’brien’s ratings have been less than stellar since taking over the show, It’s very unlikely¬† that NBC would pull the plug on a seasoned vet so fast like that.

If Drew Carey is still hosting The Price is Right…

Leno said he thinks Conan is doing just fine, comparing it to when he took over; “Conan is in the same position I was in when I took over. It takes a while. Some will like it; some will leave forever and not come back.”

Where do you all stand?  Would you rather keep Jay on at 10?  Or have him back on The Tonight Show?

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