The Lady Basher Speaks!


Halloween may be officially over but there’s still a monster on the streets!

Now that Rihanna‘s speaking out about her domestic abuse, it seems Chris Brown wants to get in on the action. Because those punches didn’t hurt enough!

The girl-basher did an “exclusive” interview with MTV VJ “Sway,” and thankfully, Starzlife is here to translate the responses.

On that night:

My thoughts is like, why did it happen?

Translation: I was real drunk and real abusive!

On moving on:

How do we get past it? How do you Chris Brown (that’s me talking to myself!) move on?! How do you learn from your mistake?

Translation: How do I get people to start buying my records again?

Are you buyin’ it, Starzlife readers?

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One Response to The Lady Basher Speaks!

  1. November 5, 2009 at 11:15 pm #

    I wish he would just be upfront about it. I’m a fan of Chris’ music but he doesn’t speak well. He just digs himself even deeper. Like YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED that night. Just be real about it.

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