Jon Sues TLC For 5 Mil!


If TLC isn’t going to pay Jon Gosselin, then he’s going to try and make them.

TLC originally filed suit against Gosselin for breach of contract when he appeared on various programs promoting nothing more than himself, and the wanna be star is firing back with a countersuit.

It’s believed that Jon’s argument will be that TLC is not allowing him to make a living under the restrictive contract, even though they were reportedly still going to pay him when they decided to ditch him from the show and change the name to Kate + 8.

Jon’s team of goons seems to be looking for any way to make a penny, but going up against TLC won’t prove to be easy.

The preliminary injunction will take place pretty soon in Maryland.

Even if Jon could win, he’s not worth 5 million!

Good luck, man.

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One Response to Jon Sues TLC For 5 Mil!

  1. November 10, 2009 at 12:14 pm #

    He better not get that money!! HE’S A JERK! I HATE HIM!! PLAYER!!!

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