Audrina Patridge; Malibu Barbie


Audrina Patridge went into a salon and came out a new woman!

During a recent trip to a Malibu salon, Patridge went in with straight hair and after 2 hours inside emerged with a new wavy look.

It took 2 hours to do that?   The color doesn’t look much different, and the change is not that drastic.

Never the less, lookin good, AP!


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One Response to Audrina Patridge; Malibu Barbie

  1. November 17, 2009 at 11:13 pm #

    Awww Audrina…..She is so pretty pretty pretty, Is it just me or is she truly the prettiest little female in L.A. or Hollywood…xoxox everyone loves her bc she is super good people with kindness and so goodnatured, to the inner core of her heart.. KINDA SEEMS SAD OTHER HILLS GIRLS, LATELY HAVE NO NICE THINGS, PEOPLE DO SAY ABOUT THEM…TIS TIS …. just a little gossipp from the high side of town….Put some soap in that christins and jayydes mouth.. Dirty Girls. they must stop powdering there nose too…. going to get sick!

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