Jessica Simpson: So Obsessed With Ashlee


It seems as if the only way Jessica Simpson can get any press these days is if she’s mouthing off about sister Ashlee.

First she was blasting a show she once praised after they fired her sister for her lack of acting abilities, and now she’s pumping Ashlee’s next career move; Broadway.

Jessica wrote on her twitter page recently; “I can’t wait to watch @ashsimpsonwentz on broadway in all of her glory!!!” Followed by;  “I get chillbumps from toes to noggin thinking about it!!! YAY!!!!!”

Everyone document these tweets, because I want to know what happened to those “chillbumps from toes to noggin” when Ashlee gets fired from Chicago and Jess is back on Twitter calling the play “crap.”

In Ashlee’s defense, maybe she won’t suck on Broadway.  Yeah she did on TV but theater is over the top a bit and it might seem natural.  Just as long as she’s working though, people will still talk about Jessica.

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