#ShameOnYouABC GMA Pulls Plug on Glambert


In celebration of his new release, For Your EntertainmentAdam Lambert was scheduled to perform on Good Morning America tomorrow morning.

After a reported 1,500 complaint mails to the network over his performance at the AMAs this Sunday, ABC has decided to axe him from the show.

This upset the legions of Glambert fans out there who in no time made #ShameOnYouABC a trending topic on Twitter.

Never fear Adam fans though.  CBS is making lemonade out of lemons and having Lambert over to The Early Show to perform instead!

Adam has been on a couple radio programs this morning discussing the change of plans, also sticking up for his performance from the night before.

He choses not to apologize for his actions during the performance calling any complaints a “double standard” and insisting that if it were a female performer up there doing any of the same it would be looked at as okay.

Lambert told Idol host Ryan Seacrest on his radio program this morning; “I’m not a babysitter, I’m an entertainer.”

Finally!  We have someone who is not a wimp and not afraid to do whatever the heck they want!

All this press can only mean one thing!  Record sales, record sales, record sales!   Congrats Adam.  You have (officially) arrived.

*By the way:  A quick review of For Your Entertainment;   It’s good.  Idol CD’s are always hard to judge because you grow to love these people singing covers of classic hits.  For Your Entertainment sounds great, has some songs you will love right away, has some songs that will grow on you, and all around has this broadway musical feel to it.  Adam really knows what he’s doing!

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